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Please join me in congratulating Gauri Gupta and Karnika Bansal for being selected as the newest members of the SLT.

Gauri Gauri GuptaGupta (GG) is the new Jan IMBA SLT Rep

In GG’s new role on the SLT, she will be focused on all things related to the Jan IMBA, ensuring that the Jan IMBA’s voices are heard on the SLT, so the SLT can better serve the Jan IMBAs, whether it be hosting more careers focused events, or connecting the IMBAs to HST masters students for Venture Lab projects. She’ll be working closely with the Class Reps, ChIEfs, and Careers Reps from the Jan IMBA, as well as the IMBA team.


Karnika BansalKarnika Bansal is the new SLT Community Development Rep

Karnika will focus on Community Development related matters, which includes bringing all the IE clubs together, and bringing to fruition ideas that individuals have from the IE community but don’t know where to take. The SLT is always here to listen to your pitches and bring your ideas to life in whatever way we can.


So, what does that mean for you? If you have a great idea for an event or initiative, either for your club or in general, let Karnika know! GG will be informed of all the concerns and ideas across the Jan IMBA from the various reps, and make sure the SLT is informed (you can also contact her directly with anything). GG will also be promoting school-wide initiatives via the reps. If you want to promote your event across the greater IE community (all 5 schools/3,000 graduate students), let either GG or Karnika know! They are both in section J5 and can be found in MM-401 if you ever want to stop by.

Additionally, both will help support the mission of the SLT, which is to better connect the entire IE community and create value on a social, academic, and careers level.

Meredith Hayward
SLT President