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Thu, 23 Nov 2017

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

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SERRANO, 99-101
Papar Pavilion

Calle de Serrano, 99-101, 28006 Madrid, Spain

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Date:Thursday, November 23rd, 6-8pm
Venue:Paper Pavilion, Serrano 99

Join us for the biggest TECH TALK in the history of IE! The Artificial Intelligence Club, Air & Space Club and Robotics club are jointly organising a Tech Talk on Nov 23rd 6-8pm at IE Paper Pavilion, where Industry Leaders will present their insights and initiatives. The diverse experience of our speakers, from engaging immersive journeys around advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence and managing the business finance in Aviation industry, to working in a mars missions and developing novel aerial technologies. This will be an insightful opportunity for both tech enthusiasts and business students alike.

Guest Speakers: 
18:00-18:20: Balvindar Powar, CCO and MD/Partner at BOOSTER & AERDRON
18:20-18:40: Elena Baillo, CFO of IBERIA
18:40-19:00: Rodrigo Haya Ramos, Senior Expert at SENER
19:00-19:20: Georgi Stoev, Manager at Hubble Artificial Inteligence Center at EY
19:20-20:00: Q&A and Panel Discussion

Kiron Ravindran: Associate Dean of MIM Program and Professor of Information Systems at IE
Konstantina Valogianni: Assistant Professor of Information System at IE
Lolita Taub: TEDx speaker, World Economic Forum Global Shaper and Forbes 30 Under 30 Finalist, IMBA IE


Iberia Express is a Spanish low-cost airline owned by Iberia, which operates short- and medium-haul routes from its parent airline's hub at Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport, providing feeder flights onto Iberia's long-haul network.

SENER is a private engineering and technology group founded in 1956 that distinguishes itself by providing high quality innovative solutions in three areas of activity: Engineering and Construction, Aeronautics and Energy and Environment.

AERDRON provides companies, and organizations with cutting edge UAV bespoke solutions. AERDRON is working in aerospace projects in the USA, Europe, and internationally.

EY Hubble Artificial Intelligence Center is a Global Innovation Center in Madrid that focuses exclusively in managing and analyzing big data in financial services.

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SERRANO, 99-101
Papar Pavilion

Calle de Serrano, 99-101, 28006 Madrid, Spain


Balvinder  Singh Powar's profile photo

Balvinder Singh Powar



Balvinder is currently CCO and MD/Partner BOOSTER & AERDRON. His specialties include Communications, Business Development/Sales, Mediation, Marketing, Negotiation, research and set-up of new projects, especially in media and business and social development (strong experience in broadcasting, NGOs and luxury goods).

Elena  Baillo de Saro's profile photo

Elena Baillo de Saro


Iberia Express

Rodrigo  Haya Ramos's profile photo

Rodrigo Haya Ramos

Chief Expert


Rodrigo Haya is Aeronautical Engineer for the Polytechnics University of Madrid (UPM) and pilot. Mr. Haya has 20 years of experience on atmospheric flight, having worked as Flight Test engineer for fighters and transport aircraft, Mission Analysis, Flight Mechanics and Guidance systems, especially planetary ascent and entry.

Mr. Haya led DEIMOS Atmospheric Flight group promoting the participation to most atmospheric entry activities in ESA since 2003, namely responsible for:
- Guidance Function design, Mission Analysis and Flight Mechanics of the European Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle (IXV) for the Phases C2/D/E/F.
- Mission Analysis and design of EXOMARS Entry Descent and Landing phase in phase B1 and B2CD and consultant for phase C/D.

Since June 2015 he is working at SENER IngenĂ­eria de Sistemas in Madrid. Mr. Haya is the GNC Chief Engineer for Space Rider (former PRIDE).

Georgi  Stoev's profile photo

Georgi Stoev

Manager, Hubble Artificial Intelligence Center


Experienced professional, combining business and technology, with background in IT, incident management and governmental financial policies. Keen enthusiasm for big data, business analytics and technologies. Organized, flexible and analytical, able to strategize and prioritize effectively to accomplish multiple tasks under pressure. Adept in establishing rapport with team members of diverse groups and in promoting team cohesiveness.

Kiron  Ravindran's profile photo

Kiron Ravindran

Associate Dean of the Masters in Management Programs at IE Business School Professor of Information System and Technologies Ph.D. in Information Systems, Merage School of Business, University of California

Kiron's corporate experience comes from multiple industries and geographies.
He has worked in the automotive and the IT sector in various roles: international marketing, project management, and IT consulting in such areas like IT Outsourcing, Social Network Analysis, Contracting Theory, Economics of Information Systems and Internet-enabled business transformation.
He is a frequent speaker at academic and professional conferences

Konstantina  Valogianni's profile photo

Konstantina Valogianni

Assistant Professor of Information Systems at IE Business School Ph.D. in Information Systems and Machine Learning from RSM, Erasmus University Visiting Scholar, University of Minnesota

Konstantina is a technology innovator, trend watcher, researcher, and professor of Information Systems and Technology.
She is intrigued by real-world problems which require an algorithmic solution. Her research has been conducted in close proximity to industry, which has given her a lot of insights about the practitioners’ point of view. She is a frequent speaker at academic and professional conferences and has won several impact awards about her research

Lolita  Taub's profile photo

Lolita Taub

MBA Student at IE Business School, TEDx Speaker, World Economic Forum Global Shaper, IBM AI X Prize Mentor, Former IBM and Cisco Employee.

Lolita Taub is an AI enthusiast and an enterprise tech professional. She holds 9 years of enterprise B2B software-hardware-and-services sales experience at IBM, Cisco Systems, and in Silicon Valley. Lolita has been recognized for her work on Forbes,, Huffington Post,, and Los Angeles Times, among other publications.
In January 2018, Lolita plans to jump into AI business development and continue to push for diversity inclusion in the tech space.

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Co-hosted with: IE Air and Space Club, IE AI Club

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