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LEAP is an annual conference hosted by the students of IE University, with the concept of ‘Breakthrough Experiences’ being the central theme. The initiative brings together inspiring leaders from different walks of life, in order to encourage students to challenge themselves, break away from the ordinary, and pursue their goals — all by daring to ‘take a leap’. LEAP is about creating an environment in which stories and experiences can be shared, thus inspiring young people to reconsider what they know, encouraging them to think outside-the-box and to start making things happen.


 Through an immersive one-day event, we offer the ultimate environment for gripping storytelling and the sharing of ideas. We passionately believe that the power for young people to succeed in their lives and careers lies in their own hands. By showcasing the talent and courage of a range of Creators and Doers, our community will feel inspired to do the same. LEAP is proud to continue integrating an additional practical element to the conference, alongside our fantastic speakers, in the form of impactful action workshops and training sessions. In doing so, attendees will be able to gain perspective, important skills, and the confidence to bring these lessons into their daily life.  


This year’s conference will be held at Teatro Luchana, a beautiful venue that offers not only tiered seating for all attendees to have the best visuals on our speakers, but also has a spacious seating area where networking and discussion will abound. The event will take place in multiple different theatre style rooms, which are designed to facilitate the best possible experience.


Our speakers are individuals who challenge conventionalism by taking the risk of doing something new even in moments where resistance was overwhelming. Ranging from business people to artists, they are all bound by their entrepreneurial spirits and their drive to push through the challenges of life in pursuit of their dreams.


After realizing the talent within the IE community, a group of students decided to create a conference that would highlight the experiences of individuals who decided to take a LEAP and prospered because of it. The main objective of the students is to excite their peers with the inspiring stories of the speakers and empower them to always go one step further, despite the obstacles and lessons that may get in our way during that journey. Now, years later, this continues to be the goal that drives us in this year’s LEAP Conference: Maverick.

Are you ready to take the LEAP?