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Who are we?


Generate interest in the wine-growing sector amongst IE students from different programs, to position IE Business School as the most influential and recognized business school from within the wine sector and therefore to increase the hiring of alumni for businesses associated with this industry.  Also, the purpose of this club is to create a common open space for all professionals from the wine-growing industry.  A space to share their ideas and concerns with work colleagues and with all those interested in the development of the sector, immersed in consecutive changes and innovations. Exchanging ideas, lines of investigation, studies regarding current topics that concern all sector managers/directors, they will help members of the community to build their career, launch new initiatives and develop their winery.  From here, the integrated members of the community will have access to a huge variety of resources such as forum discussions about specific topics and matters, organization of wine-tasting and visits to vineyards.  We would like that this community becomes through the participation of its members and its contributions from current knowledge of the sector, a reference for all not only in Spain but all over the world.

What we do:

1. Invite the leaders of Wine Industry to lead the seminars/conferences about the upcoming strategies/New products.

2. Encourage students to investigate the new strategies, develop the line of sight for future career prospects.