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What is Student Life?

Student Life is one amongst the three sub-departments of the Student Office, which at its core, deals with student affairs in order to become the principal extra-academic support system of all our student community.

As our students arrive to University, we provide them with assistance to better get around campus and the city as well as share resources and tips for living arrangements, opening bank accounts and being informed about other basic services.

Through the rest of your stay at IEU, you’ll find that Student Life is particularly concerned with our community’s overall University experience. For this very reason, it is both our duty and pleasure to help further develop the community spirit of our University, as well as help promote and launch extracurricular initiatives that nurture our students’ extra-academic interests and hobbies.


What does Student Life do?

We help accompany and grow alongside our students from the moment they first arrive to IE University, all the way up to the moment when they graduate.

From their freshman year, we help them understand how to better get around their new environment, where to hire basic services, whom to contact in case of emergencies, how to affiliate themselves with health insurance providers and how to better deal with their living arrangements.

As students grow more attached to our community in their later years, we support anyone who approaches us to pursue, develop, launch and promote any and all extracurricular initiatives considered relevant to our community.   Such initiatives include a wide variety of activities such as organizing conferences, competitions and tournaments, social causes, workshops and nearly every other idea that you can possibly imagine. Our main aim is that of always supporting student-led ideas and causes in order to continue building a strong community feeling.


Who does Student life work with?

We work with the students and for the students.  At such, any single student can come to us with questions on living arrangements and services in the city, their environment, or regarding our campus and activities. We also encourage students to come to us with cool ideas and initiatives that they need support for.

Clubs often hold a very tight relationship with us, as we often help them organize their activities, communicate and promote their causes within our student community and, occasionally, help fund such initiatives.

Though students are the core of all our efforts, we also work alongside the school administration and our different degree directors; they often provide relevant information on extra-academic interests for our students so that we can help promote and organize such initiatives.


Who can request assistance from Student Life?

All students enrolled in IEU can come to us whenever they see fit. This includes incoming exchange and transfer students.   Our students’ parents can also feel free to contact us.