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IE Debate Club Segovia is a club comprised of motivated and outgoing students who poses keen interest in Debating, Model United Nations and have an interest in current global issues.

1) Debate

Debate Club will focus on intercampus debates between the Madrid and Segovia campus, as well as local engagements such as a debate with the artillery academy in Segovia. The intercampus debates will branch out to include regional debates that we will advance to, which will predominantly focus on British Parliament and Oxford style debates. 

2) Model United Nations

Model United Nations is an organization that adequately mimics the United Nations itself, whereby conferences are organized worldwide. In MUN conferences, current world issues are discussed in a formal and serious atmosphere replicating UNited Nations Debates. The club will focus on forming delegations of countries for specific conferences around the world that we shall attend. We will be focusing on specific issues for each committee in order to prepare for upcoming debates. 

We hope to attract several dedicated and interested students for this year's MUN club. It will involve quite some work and research, so please be prepared for this if you choose to join.