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We ask that you carefully read the following Rules, Terms and Conditions


Please note that the entire weekend will be mostly conducted in English, including PowerPoint submissions and presentations. However, this language requirement should not be seen as a barrier to entry, as participants need only be comfortable with basic communication (reading, writing and speaking).

Idea Submission

Idea submission is free and open to all IE Business School students, and any outside individuals with a passion for social impact and environmental sustainability that have an idea and want to change the world!

Important notice on idea submission: The ideas should be at early stages of conception. The Impact Weekend team reserves the right to refuse any idea that they find is too advance/developed to benefit from a workshop like this. Please note this is not an opportunity to pitch your business to investors! This is a platform to build and develop ideas into feasible businesses plans.

Ideas should be submitted via a PowerPoint deck and indicate the following: 1) value proposition, 2) revenue streams, and 3) impact on society or environment. Keep in mind that you are allowed 3 minutes to pitch and the audience will have 2 minutes of Q & A to clear any doubts they have about your idea. The 3 minute time limit is strict.

Registration and idea submission will be open from April 10th- April 22nd.


The top 20 idea submissions will be selected prior to Impact Weekend and announced on April 22nd. The owners of these ideas will move forward to our Friday pitch event where they will pitch their ideas in 3 minutes and have a 2 minute Q & A from the audience. (You will not be given more than 3 minutes to pitch your idea)

The participants whose ideas have been selected during the Friday Pitch event will be the leader of the respective project. This condition provides the leader with the ability to decide on the business focus of the project, although important decisions about the scope and nature of the project should be decided among all members participating during the weekend.

If you are participating with some team members for your idea submission, all of your team members (if any) should register and pay as if they are also participating in Impact Weekend with you.

Team Formation (The Market place)

Upon completion of the pitches during the Friday pitch event, the top 10 ideas will be selected by public vote and participants will also select which group they would like to work in for the remainder of the Impact Weekend. Each of the top 10 ideas will have teams build around them of a maximum of 7 people.

Participants (those not submitting ideas)

So, you still want to be a part of Impact Weekend but don’t necessarily have an idea to submit or would rather just not submit an idea? You are still welcome to participate in this experience and we need you! After the Friday Pitch, you can team up with your favorite idea of the Top 10 selected from the public vote and be a part of the team that refines that idea and makes it as great as it can be! Ideas aren’t made great alone! Each team will consist of 7 people max and you can be a part of one of the 10 teams that pitches before the final jury of social entrepreneurship professionals and gains the experience of a lifetime, all the while building an idea to change the world!  

Evaluation Criteria

Prior to the Friday pitch event, in order to select the 20 ideas that move forward and will be pitched before an audience, your idea will be initially judged upon its: 1) quality of value proposition, 2) ability to produce scalable revenue streams, and 3) impact on society or environment. You will also need to indicate your motivation behind this idea. Why are you desiring to pursue this idea? What are your underlying passions behind it?


The price for Impact Weekend is €20, both for idea submissions and participant registrations. More information on how to register and submit your ideas is available on our Registration & Ideas Submission page.

Judging & Voting

The final choice of winning ideas and business plan from Impact Weekend will be evaluated by a panel of experts on April 24th, 2016 and the Jury will decide upon the winners. Ideas will be evaluated in a fair and transparent manner, in accordance with the Evaluation Criteria.


Direct entry into Venture Lab to continue to develop their idea on how to change the world and be mentored along the way! For the fast track to Venture Lab at least one IE student or alumni must be part of the team.


Impact Weekend will not be responsible for breaches of rights of third parties which a project may incur as a result of the implementation developed at the event.

Important: Impact Weekend organizers reserve the right to refuse any idea whose presentation, activity or development is likely to break the law, violate any rights or promote discrimination.