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In Impact Weekend we want to hear How you would Change the World. Until then, we looked for inspiration from our mentors, jury and speakers:

Daniel Pulaski, Emzingo

Changing the world means changing how business is done. It's no longer in thehands of governments but business women and men to change the course of history. I've dedicated the last 5 years (and hopefully many more) to inspiring a more responsible, inclusive, and sustainable way of doing just that. I look forward to continuing to promote ethical business practices and fostering a more collaborative win-win model of business. As Richard Branson has said many times, "Screw business as usual."

Francisco Soler, Creas

I would like to change the world showing that investment focused on solving problems are worth and deserve more attention of conventional investors.

Jorge Schnura, Tyba

To change the world I would free up the markets from government intervention, but keeping problems at bay with regulation. We're living above our possibilities with governments spending more than they earn on social programs and have to incur in bigger and bigger debt. A more free economy would allow for value creation instead of destruction through inefficient allocation.

Cristina Alvarez, Unltd

Fully passionate about Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship, I truly believe that blending social needs with business purposes are the way to change the world. 

Rachida Justo, IE Business School

I would like to change the world by producing  state-of-the art academic knowledge and teaching tools that are needed to train social entrepreneurs and help them create value for their companies.

Victor Sanchez, MashmeTV

The world, countries or even businesses are huge concepts that simply do not exist, there is just people and if we manage to connect them all and destroy the artificial barriers we created the change will come, based on that alone.

Jaime Perez, Endeavor

Through education and sports. Sports (and specially football or team sports) make people work together and has the potential to teach values and principles that develop positive inner strengths, enhance human qualities and improve social / cultural breaches.

Mitchell Maddox

The best bread in the world is made with nothing more than water, flour, salt, air, time, and a pair of hands. I'd like everyone to have access to the kind of education that teaches them how to make the most of whatever they have around them, whether they have a lot or a little. More knowledge means more empowerment for all.

Jose Moncada, Bolsa Social and Redis

I would like us to be aware of the consequences of our acts – what we work for, what we consume and where we invest our money in, can either improve or damage our communities and the environment. I would like a society where you can work, consume and invest in positive, generating value for the others and being mindful of the impact of your decisions beyond your personal sphere. I think that this is possible. We just need to bring together the talent of generous and skilled professionals at the service of this idea.