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Here are some of the frequently asked questions. Have a question for the organizers? Contact us or send us an email:

Who can submit ideas for Impact Weekend?

Any student from within IE and anybody outside of IE desiring to create a positive social impact or that has an idea for improving environmental sustainability and also wants to change the world!

Who can participate during the weekend’s activities?

Participants who do not have an idea to submit but who want to help the entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas. 10 teams of 7 people will be formed around each idea.

I don’t have a background in social issues, can I still participate?

You don’t have to have a social business background to participate in Impact Weekend. If you’re interested in collaborating with other smart people and learning how to create impact through business, we highly encourage you to participate!

I have a team already, how do I participate?

You can absolutely sign up for Impact Weekend with a pre-established team, but only one person of your team will need to submit the idea of your team and assign a team name to the idea. All other team members will need to sign up as participants and indicate the team to which they belong.

 If I already have a team, do other participants still join my team once I pitch it? 

Yes, but only as long as you have already not reached the maximum amount of people per team, which is 7. This is the joy of Impact Weekend! If you don't already have 7 people on your team, you will get to make a team of 7 on Friday with people who on Friday heard you pitch your idea, loved it, and wanted some more of it!  These participants will add value to your idea by bringing their own thoughts, perspectives, and areas of expertise!