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The IE Net Impact Club is a member of the broader, international Net Impact organization that seeks to empower students and professionals to drive positive change in the workplace and the world. At IE, we endeavor to increase awareness, inspire, and equip the IE community to bring environmental and social impact through business. For the academic year 2012-2013, IE Net Impact Club achieved Gold standing among Net Impact Chapters.

The IE Net Impact Club is the largest student-run club at IE Business, with a mission to empower IE students with the tools to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable world through business. Sharing the same core values and mission as the NGO Net Impact, the club serves as an intermediary for communication and collaboration between IE students, the school, its alumni and professionals interested and active in responsible business, social entrepreneurship and the not-for-profit industry. The club's activities are organized under four pillar: promoting dialogue, providing practical experiences, presenting career opportunities and informing curriculum change. In addition to a myriad of activities, the Club organizes three annual events: 1) Net Impact Weekend- a weekend-long social entrepreneurship workshop in April, 2) Global Village- a celebration of cultural diversity among IE students in May, and 3) Social Responsibility Forum- an opportunity in November for interactive discussions between students and industry professionals about accelerating entrepreneurial approaches and innovative solutions to the worlds' most pressing social issues.