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Sekhem All-Love: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life, Feel Your Heart

by IE Center for Health, Well-Being & Happiness

Off Campus Wellness / wellbeing UN2030

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Wed, Mar 24, 2021

6:30 PM – 8:00 PM (GMT+1)

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Get ready to revitalize your soul, energize your body and experience love on every level and every form. All Love is what Patrick Zeigler currently calls his work with the Sekhem energy which is an ancient system of wisdom taught in the temples of early Egypt.  Patrick came into contact with this energy many years ago, through a spontaneous initiation into the pyramids at Giza and, since then, he has begun to study this energy and its characteristisc more deeply.  The way Sekhem was taught kept changing, but always with the same objective: connecting deeper to the energy and trough it to the whole Cosmos and our True Self- During an All Love workshop, expect Patrick Zigler to guide you into a journey of deep emotional healing while establishing an opening to your inner portals. All Love aims to open and heal your heart and, through it, dive deeper into your being.  


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Patrick Ziegler


All Love Sekhem

  • Patrick Zeigler is an International teacher in service for mankind. On his constant journeys he has been helping those who come to him to experience to learn to open up their heart centers and, through it, connect to their true self and consequently connect with their soul and their connection to Source.

  • Today his seminars are called ALL-LOVE because the class's greatest objective is to facilitate the way for people to experience love on every level and in every form. In the classes, Patrick guides his students in a journey of deep healing on all levels as well as to establish an opening to deeper inner portals with his warm guiding voice, and the purity of his soul.

  • Following his childhood heart desire, Patrick traveled to Egypt in 1980 and had the opportunity to sleep in the Great Pyramid. During the night he had a powerful initiation that would change his life. As he tried to understand the experience he had had in the pyramid, Patrick traveled to Sudan where he kept close contact with an Elder Sufi saint and his community in Khartoum. The combination between both these experiences helped create the foundations for what we now know as the  Sekhem Energy System, also pronounced as Seichim or Seichem.

  • After the experience in the pyramid and his time living with the Sufis, Patrick traveled to the Himalayas as a Peace Corp volunteer. In the small village where he lived he was dedicated to meditate several hours daily. It was in one of his meditations that he asked the name of the energy that he had been experiencing since his experience in the pyramid that the name Sekhem came. He received this name directly from Spirit through the inner voice; which may explain why there are so many different pronunciations of the word Sekhem in our time.

  • The energy is always the best teacher and Patrick, as an excellent observer and in deep connection with the energy he felt flowing continuously in his own system, kept learning more and more about it and adjusting his teachings to the different necessities of both the planet and of people who came to him, wanting to connect to that field.


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