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Who are we?

The objective of IE Family Business Club club is to create a network between IE students with family business background. In the broader sense of family business we would also include students with family offices or who´s families have sold their business but still share the same mindset.


What we do

Family Business Summit with guest speakers from different regions of the world and topics ranging from succession to how to continue family business values after the business was sold. Our idea for this is to bring generations together so each speaker would also be invited for a panel discussion with students who´s family´s business either shares the industry or the same problem as the guest speaker.
We also plan on organizing regular round table discussions grouped by specific topics of interest. To establish an environment of trust where participants openly share about common family business challenges these will be held in dinner format. Topics include for example: succession, how to build a career outside the family business, common pitfalls and conflict avoidance strategies.