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Who are we?

IE Energy Club endeavours to bring IE students that are passionate about the energy industry together. By organizing different types of events, the IE Energy Club aims to initiate and facilitate discussions about energy-related topics in order to make all students learn as much as possible about the energy industry.


What we do

Speaker Sessions
 The IE Energy Club aims to organize one presentation about an energy-related topic every month. Speakers from both inside and outside IE Business School will be invited to share their knowledge about a specific topic.

Energy Day
 Each year, the IE Energy club organizes an Energy Day where representatives of several companies speak about different energy-related topics. The Energy Day is normally organized somewhere during autumn, but a specific date still has to be defined.

Other Events
 The IE Energy Club is involved in the organization of event of other clubs from IE Business School. This year, the club will help the Net Impact Club with organizing discussion sessions related to renewable energy. In addition, the club is currently identifying other types of events it could possibly organize in order to realize its objectives.