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The positions of the IE Club coordinators are open to all current students and their official partners.
A Board of an IE Club can freely decide the roles of its designated members (Coordinators), although always each club should select one person as the Club President and one person responsible for communication (the same person can be appointment to both roles). 
The elections of the board will be organized twice a year, in spring and autumn, after all the programs of the corresponding intake have started their classes. We strongly recommend that the boards of the clubs have members from both spring and autumn intake students, as it helps transmitting the know-how and keeping the club active. This Clubs Board structure is supported by the established IE Club election process, detailed in the section “Election process”.
It is important to keep in mind that only those students and partners who are members of the Club can elect the Club coordinators.  Selecting the most appropriate system for the election is the sole responsibility of the current Club Coordinators, always given that the elections are organized in a participatory and democratic way.

All IE students are welcome to become members of IE Clubs! If you are interested in joining any club, visit
The access to IE Clubs is also open to your partners and IE alumni. Encourage your partners to join IE Partners Club and register as an official partner through IE Campus Life, so that we can invite them to all the extracurricular events organized by student clubs and Campus Life! Don’t forget that without their support your study time at IE would not be so memorable! Thus we want to bring your partners closer to the IE experience in order to acknowledge their support, understanding and acceptance of the insufficient time you have for them and of the efforts we demand from you during this year of intense studies!
The access to the clubs is free of any charge.
All IE alumni, staff or faculty members can collaborate with the student clubs by becoming Advisors.
Alumni, Staff or Faculty Advisor is a permanent position in the club, which is flexible and adaptable to the time constrains and the availability of the alumni, staff or faculty member in question and the necessities of the club. The Advisors can maintain their positions as long as they are interested in collaborating, always given that the position is approved by the current club coordinators. The level of involvement of the Advisor can be decided between the Advisor and the club coordinators.
Participation of alumni living abroad is also welcome, as long as the agreement is reached between them and the current coordinators with regards to the way of collaboration.