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Election Process

IE Club Fair

All club coordinators are invited to participate in our IE Club Fair, an event organized twice a year, right before the start of the election process.

IE Club Fair is a unique opportunity for new students to meet with club coordinators, get to know them and obtain first-hand information about the objectives and initiatives of the clubs of their interest.

IE CLUB Election period

The election period will start right after the Club Fair that takes place twice a year, in spring and autumn. The exact dates of the Club Fair and each election period will be announced through Campus Life communication channels, the main source always being Campus Life Newsletter.
All members of an IE Club who are currently studying at IE or are partners of IE students, are allowed to raise their candidatures in order to occupy vacant positions in the Board of the club in question.

The maximum number of clubs in which a current IE student/partner can be a coordinator is two


Club coordinators: 6 rules to remember

  1. The clubs are allowed to have a maximum of 6 coordinators.  
  2. 3 members of the current board can stay for the next term of office. Remember to send their names to Campus Life during the first week after the Club Fair. 
  3. New students will be requested to send their self-nominations for the clubs of their interest during the same week. Campus Life will share the nominations with the Club Boards right after the deadline to send nominations. 
  4. If the total number of potential coordinators (the members of the board staying for the next term of office + new candidates) is less or equal to 6 after the week is over, no elections will be required and the 3 new candidates will be announced coordinators of the club. In case the total number of new candidates is less than 3, more members of the previous board can stay for the next term of office, always given that the total number of coordinators is not higher than 6. 
  5. If the total number of potential coordinators (the members of the board staying for the next term of office + new candidates) is higher than 6, the club will have to organize elections in order to determine the new board. The members from the previous board who are staying for the next term of office do not have to participate in the elections, their seats in the new board are automatically assigned. 
  6. The names of all the Coordinators elected should be officially communicated to Campus Life office for the formal approval and update of the database of Club Boards and

Elections: 2 rules to remember

  1. In case the elections are necessary, the clubs are requested to conduct them in a free, transparent and fair manner. Selecting the most appropriate system for the election is the sole responsibility of the current Club Coordinators, always given that the system is participatory and democratic.
  2. Dismissal of the Board: IE Campus Life has the authority to dismiss a Coordinator or the whole Board if there are proofs of violation of IE Ethics Code or the principles, values or norms contained in this guide.

For detailed information about IE Clubs and Campus Life rules & policies, download our Campus Life Guide!!