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What's an IE Club?

IE Student Clubs are the engine of the IE experience and a crucial part in the creation of a unique, global, and fun-filled experience for a committed community with common geographic, professional, social and athletic interests, which maximize opportunities for our students due to the diverse nature of our students, partners, faculty and staff.
IE Club categories:

  • Professional: clubs that serve as a platform to discuss and share knowledge about specific academic areas and/or professional sectors.
  • Sports: clubs that manage recreational and/or competitive sports activities and serve as a platform to share your passion about sports.
  • Social: clubs that provide opportunities for networking and sharing personal interests and hobbies.
  • Geographic: clubs that provide opportunities to share interest in and knowledge of a particular country or region. 
    To find the latest list of student clubs that are currently active, visit  
Notes: IE Clubs are independent of any political group, party, public or private, religious or civil organization and should be open to any person from IE Community. If discriminatory conduct against any student, alumni, partner, professor or IE staff related to gender, opinion, academic background, nationality, culture, race, religion, believes, professional or personal experience, sexual orientation or age is observed at the creation or during the exercise of club´s activity, the club will be automatically closed by Campus Life team. 

 Note that all students involved in IE Clubs act as ambassadors of IE on and off campus. Therefore, good behavior is expected in accordance with the principles and values of IE, contained in this guide and in the Code of Ethics of IE.

For detailed information about IE Clubs and Campus Life rules & policies, download our Campus Life Guide!