IE Alumni Medellin Club

Join us in the City of External Spring!


About Us

We are a club of Alumni based in Medellin Colombia. Join us for Events in Medellin Colombia. The Club is active on Whatsapp. You can join the club.

Why Medellin?

As the City of External Spring. Medellin has invested heavily in Tech. There is Ruta-N, a government building full of Startups. Medellin is also an up and coming destination for nearshore providers and Paisas (the local people) are well-known for their entrepreneurial spirit. Medellin has clearly shaken off its recent dark past.

Strongly Transformed City!

Very Friendly People

Cleanest City Ever. You could Call Medellin, MediClean. Just count the number of Cigarette buds in the background image.









Members Benefits

We are a great group of about 80-90 Alumni that are very active in Networking. We work alongside the Team of Bogota an are open to people from other regions and cities in Colombia. As Medellin is the 2nd largest city in Colombia and up and coming, IE decided to open a Club here. Activities range from our famous Bar of the Quarter to Cultural and Sports Events. See our Activity Calendar.

Events & Activities

We organize the famous Bar of the Quarter in different bars in Medellin. Please see the calendar for the Upcoming Events

Exclusive Resources

We are sharing tips, business tricks and investment opportunities in our community


We are all about networking

Our Team

Natalia González Londoño
Andrea Jaramillo Valencia
Niels Siskens
Carlos Jaramillo Cardona


IE Alumni Medellin Club

Calle María de Molina, 11
Madrid, , 28006