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Who we are


Art has always been a state of being-creating, perceiving, and expressing. The IE Arts and Business Club plans to create and build an ecosystem for appreciating, experiencing and engaging with art. In addition, this club aims to increase a deeper understanding of how arts and business interfere with each other in an enhancing way. The Arts and Business Club will provide a wonderful opportunity and platform for networking, leisure and collaboration for people who are interested in art.


Our mission


Our mission is to become a leading platform that will serve IE students to exchange ideas, to be creative, to enjoy the experience of discovering the rich art offer that can be found in Madrid, and to contribute to a deeper understanding about the fascinating mechanisms that exist between arts and business.


Our objectives

To promote activities involving art and culture among IE students and take advantage from the fact that IE students are living in one of Europe’s cultural capitals.

To lower the barriers that keep IE students from engaging with art and culture

To deepen the understanding about how arts and business work together


Our three event lines


We will organize and offer visits to Madrid’s leading museums and foundations so that IE students have the possibility to discover the rich cultural heritage that can be found in Spain’s capital. Furthermore, we will include some non-permanent exhibitions and small-scale, hidden arts places. Let’s SEE art!


We will organize follow-up round tables after some of the most prevailing EYES events in a cafe near IE. This will give us the possibility to informally discuss about the art that was experienced during the visit and the business elements involved. With a glass of wine in our hands, of course. Let’s TALK about art!  


We will organize speeches and conferences, inviting leading figures from the arts industry to IE. They will provide interesting insights, explain the interdependencies between arts and business and help IE students to acquire important knowledge and valuable contacts that will be crucial if planning to start a career in the wonderful world of arts. Let’s HEAR about art!