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The IE Hedge Fund Club was founded to serve as a networking tool for those who are interested in the industry and/or interested in trading and portfolio management as a whole.

As a group, one of our key activities is to manage an absolute return orientated L/S Equity portfolio (on paper) with a minimum time horizon of 1-3 months. To do so, we follow an investment framework, consisting on idea generation, gate keeping, risk management and self-awareness. The objective is that every club member gets the chance to generate trading ideas and present them to the group in order to determine whether it ends up becoming part of the club´s theoretical portfolio.

This porfolio can be monitored live here: ie HFC L/S Equity Portfolio

Other activities include:
  • Guest presentations
  • Educational workshops
  • Off-campus visits

The club tries to organise events every fortnight.

Please get in touch should any queries arise.