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Welcome to the IE Film & Television Industry Club!

This club has just been founded in January 2018 and for the following months we have a wide range of events coming up, including
- career workshops,
- a film panel with guests representing the big film studios,
- a weekly visual effects class,
- a video editing workshop,
- a screenwriting session,
- a student video screening event,
- a workshop to create shooting schedules,
- more guest speakers from the film and telvision industry.

President & Founder:

Leopold W. Hofmann

Naturally inclined creator of visual contents, 26 years old, from Germany, with experience in both, the creative field and the business world. Did a voluntary year of social service after high school and then studied Business Economics as undergraduate degree in Germany. Performed various business-related internships in Mexico, Spain, and Germany. Founded, a visual content production company. Realized more than 30 visual projects in over 8 countries, including commercials, social-issue shorts, and feature-length films. Currently advancing at the cutting edge of business and creativity through Dual Degree Master in Management + Master in Visual and Digital Media at IE Business School / IE School of Human Sciences and Technology in Madrid, Spain. 


Bárbara Almeida

Passionate about people and their stories, Bárbara is a brazilian journalist seeking for what comes after and behind the news. After 12 years working as an awarded reporter, editor and press office manager, Barbara faces now the challenge of writing and directing stories to the screens. 

Adedunmola Olanrewaju

VFX artist turnt MVDM Grad Student. Hello I’m Adedunmola Peter Olanrewaju, my friends call me Ade. I've always been interested in moving images on the silver screen since i was a young lad. Growing up in The Ivory Coast, I would spend my summer vacations figuring out how to program very basic fighting and air combat games using Qbasic on my father’s desktop computer that had roughly about 1mb of ram. Fast Forward to High School in Maryland and studying French Literature and Property management in College while self teaching myself 3D animation, it hit me this could be a possible career option. I decided to move to Los Angeles and follow my lifelong dream of working on Hollywood movies. Eight years later and I've had the opportunity to have worked on some pretty cool TV Shows, Commercials and Movies including Game Of Thrones, Avengers, Captain America, and an Oreo commercial to name a few. I hope to be able to contribute some of my professional career experience and technical skills to the IE Film and Television Industry club. Can’t wait to meet you all!

Maya Mansour

From Lebanon. Having had had experience in screenwriting, my interest mainly lands on creating characters; their psychology and their ‘being’ in the cinematic world. Sometimes what words can’t tell, shots can. It is fascinating for me to see it all come together as one language; the words, the shots, the colors... For that, I involve myself in screenplay and production as a whole as well. I offer knowledge in character forming, screenplay structure, and production management.

Omira Nassir

Just an over glorified Production Assistant tired of making coffee runs for onset directors. I've spent the last 8 years between Los Angeles and New York working at places such as VIACOM, The Walt Disney Company, the NBA and the United Nations. I am currently a Graduate Student in Visual and Digital Media excited to expand my creative skills in the art of storytelling and content creation. As a Coordinator for IE's Film and Television Club, I hope we can provide opportunities for those ready to swan-dive into this mad industry, where the personalities are animated and visions become reality. Hi, my name is Omira (Oh-My-Ruh) and I look forward to meeting you. 

Thida Leiper

My name is Thida Leiper and I am a Cambodian American photographer and film fanatic in the MVDM program. As part of my Bachelors, I focused on Southeast Asian film at the University of London. Prior to joining IE, I was an Events Manager for Impact Hub Phnom Penh (Cambodias largest Coworking space) where I've helped organise various workshops and screenings for local filmmakers and entrepreneurs.