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Debating has always been recognized as one of the main tools human beings have to walk the path of learning. Since the ancient Greeks, and before, we have data about different practices and how being fluent on public speaking could shape the future of a person, a family or a community. Aside of the opportuinities this activity offers for you to dig at different levels of knowledge while contrasting your experience with others, it is also a chance to learn about you and your objectives. It was Aristotle the one who defined humans as a social animal. Being, in our nature, individuals who tend to collaborate being able to communiate is not only a need but a must.

Our wish is to offer this activity to the IE Comunity for the different purposes exposed:

  • To dig on the different landscapes of knowledge.
  • To exploit our communication skills.
  • To learn about yourself, since you do not really know what you think abou a topic until you have to defend it or deny it.

This for we divide our activities in three main groups:

  1. Public speaking lessons.
  2. Internal debates.
  3. Tournaments at different debates.

If you are passionate about all the new horizons offered by the world of debate do not hesitate to take the chance!