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Wed, 05 Jun 2019

6:30 PM – 8:45 PM

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Teatro Luchana

Calle de Luchana, 38, , Madrid 28010, Spain

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In today’s extremely fast-paced and perpetually-changing society, the truths we hold sacred seem to be changing all the time. There is an ubiquitous sense of fear and bewilderment towards our future, but also excitement about new and unexpected opportunities. We have more questions than ever, but no definite answers. Join us in exploring where we seem to be going, to define what might be our world of tomorrow. How will our relationship with technology evolve? What will the impact of such socio-technological changes be? We are more wired than ever, but are we less connected? Is virtual going to be the new reality? And most importantly: is the future of humanities still human?

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Teatro Luchana

Calle de Luchana, 38, , Madrid 28010, Spain


Marta  De Basilio 's profile photo

Marta De Basilio

Marta has lived in fourteen countries mainly for work. During her time abroad, she did hundreds of presentations, negotiated and closed big deals with presidents of different nations, ministers and top CEO´s from the most relevant companies worldwide. Her goal was to promote foreign investment through publications within The New York Times, Fortune, USA Today, El País and others. Marta  then started her own company, Speaker Coach, in order to coach employees and senior executives on public speaking, negotiation, sales and intrapersonal communication to achieve ambitious goals.

Karolina  Korth's profile photo

Karolina Korth

Karolina Korth is a trained psychologist with passion for innovation and has over 10 years of experience in transformation in multinationals. She has a wealth of experience in corporate innovation and business development in healthcare and smart cities. Currently, she works as a Chief Digital Officer and Head of Strategy at Siemens Mobility in Spain where she defines and implements digital offerings on the cutting edge of mobility. Karolina is also a founder of Health 2.0 Kuala Lumpur and the FeMale Voice of Mobility – movement to empower women in male dominated industries. She speaks regularly at conferences targeting digital transformation and gives lectures at business schools and universities.

Michael  Bayle's profile photo

Michael Bayle

Michael Bayle has spent over two decades in helping digital organizations launch and scale new ventures.  Michael is currently the Executive Vice President for Mobile at Amadeus.  In this role, Michael leads the commercialization and innovation strategies for an extensive portfolio of mobile capabilities on behalf of Amadeus customers including airlines, travel agencies, airports and hotels.  Prior to joining Amadeus, Michael held senior executive positions with several leading media companies and start-ups, including ESPN, GroundTruth, Amobee, Yahoo and Microsoft.  Michael is a world traveler and holds several degrees from Stanford University include a bachelor's degree in Japanese, BS and MS in Computer Science.  He lives in Madrid, Spain and in his spare time enjoys jazz clubs, scuba diving and watching Atletico Madrid. 

Prashant   Kumar's profile photo

Prashant Kumar

Prashant Kumar is a dynamic and accomplished Product Management professional with significant experience and success in driving growth, slashing costs, optimizing operations and developing solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Forming a bridge between Tech and Business, he excels in consulting leadership, product automation and scalability, organizational data analysis, and project management. Mr. Kumart is also an analytical professional skilled in successfully navigating organizations through periods of accelerated growth and expansion, as well as a collaborative communicator continually focused on building relationships and promoting synergy across business lines and global units to drive positive change, comprehensive business approaches, and enhanced profitability. Tech-savvy, proactive, resourceful, and respected.

Hugo  De Lacy 's profile photo

Hugo De Lacy

Hugo De Lacy is Chief Operating Officer at AIS CHANNEL, a world leading online platform for surgical education. Know as “the Netflix of Medicine”, AIS CHANNEL’s main mission is to offer high quality surgical education by the best surgeons of the world for free, online and using state of the art technology. It is present in 184 countries and its enormous influence has led to the establishment of strategic alliances with companies such as Google and Sony. Hugo explores how to build businesses that have a real impact on society by taking advantage of mind blowing innovations.

Nick  Van Dam's profile photo

Nick Van Dam

Dr. Nick van Dam is an internationally recognized thought leader, advisor, researcher, best-selling author and facilitator on Corporate Learning & Leadership Development. He is passionate about helping individuals reach their full potential and is inspired by insights from positive and development psychology, the neurosciences and philosophy. Dr. van Dam has over 30 years of business experience as a former Partner, Global Chief Learning Officer, HR-Executive and Client Advisor at McKinsey & Co., as well as Deloitte. As an Advisor, he has served more than 100 Clients around the world. Nick is Chief Learning Officer at IE University, serves on the University Board and is a Professor.  He is the founder of the e-Learning for Kids Foundation, which has provided free digital lessons for more than 20 million underprivileged elementary school children.

Maruan  El Mahgiub's profile photo

Maruan El Mahgiub

Maruan El Mahgiub is an IE Alumni and the Director of Business Strategy for Mormedi, an international strategic design consultancy with offices in Spain, Japan and Korea. He is an award-winning strategic communications professional with over 10 years of experience working in technology, healthcare, food and food science, retail, and travel and tourism. Currently, Mr. El Mahgiub specializes in innovation through customer experience in service design, product design and digital design. In 2015, he graduated in the top 3% of the intake with Dean’s List honours from IE’s MBA.  

Daniela  Cadena's profile photo

Daniela Cadena

Daniela Cadena is a growth designer, with over six years experience in product development and customer experience. Creative and empathetic, she is pursuing a Masters in International Relations at IE, focused on inclusive policy design of vulnerable populations. Ms. Cadena is committed to using profit-driven models and sustainable solutions that leverage 4IR emerging technologies to solve the world’s most complex problems and strongly believes robots are not to be feared.