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Hypersurrealistic, by Alberto Matsumura -new IEU Creativity Center exhibition

Monday, April 24
4:30pm – 9:30pm 
IEU Creativity Center Casa de la Moneda
Calle de la Moneda sin número, Segovia 40003, Spain

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What IEU Creativity Center Casa de la Moneda presents from today is a deep and intense tour de force towards the subconscious core of an artist in his four-years unstoppable dedication to pursuit a life-goal.

Alberto Matsumura’s (Madrid, 1976) passion for drawing was made obvious at early age though over years the so-called social expectations encouraged him to embrace Naval Engineering School in Madrid and hence rejected that original virtu, such primary desire. After a collapsed business attempt, giving up two engineering careers, a fairly amount of professional failures and 20 years later, he got back to drawing. Could such an array of unfavorable outcomes guide him to his so-far most coherent destiny?

These carefully curated 20 works (plus two additional ones exhibited in the coolest bar in Segovia city centre) are a result of a profound instrospection. A psichological approach seems to be more recomendable here, leaving aside technical skills or style to gravitate towards unwilling thinking, disconnected ideas or unjointed and chaotic states of mind.

Black and white form the opposites of a reality needing both, a kind of superior reality above human beings, their ideology or own existence. Ability or composition are not all in all protagonist but are nonetheless aesthetic elements as interesting as absorbing his art is.

Matsumura’s emotional core seems to project uneasiness to all his works but such physical disomfort ought not to be perceived as a negative side-effect but quite the contrary as the enormous satisfaction of experimenting the search for answers, the innermost venturing into a fearless mind enriched with pure freedom.

Devotee of M.C. Escher, El Bosco and Pieter Van der Heyden, quantum physics and philosophy, his art bespeaks of determination, complexity and notions of beauty in his will to express the world around him.

Please do not hesitate to contact the artist on for any question or further interest on his works, you can always get in touch with the coordinating office behind this exhibition.

IEU Creativity Center Casa de la Moneda exhibition is free-of-charge and will remain open until May the 20th.
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IEU Creativity Center Casa de la Moneda, Calle de la Moneda sin número, Segovia 40003, Spain

Monday, April 24, 4:30pm – 9:30pm

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