Steve Dalton on How to Write your CV Efficiently

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Thu, 19 Apr 2018

6:30 PM – 7:45 PM

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British Summer Time (BST)





The first step towards getting a new job – for most of us – is the painstaking process of re-writing our CV. Active job-hunters write dozens of versions. Sadly, most of this effort is wasted because we don’t understand how resumes are now read and what this means for how we should be writing them.

In this webinar, Steve Dalton - author of Amazon bestseller The 2-Hour Job Search and head of MBA careers at Duke (Fuqua) School of Business – proposes an alternative approach: that we focus our efforts where they have the most impact, and learn to write CVs more efficiently.

Understanding how resumes are read
Because so many recruiters ask for our resume we assume that they are keen to study them. In fact, research shows recruiters spend as little as six seconds (and rarely more than a minute) reading each CV. And they spend a tiny fraction of this time looking at the bullet points you have agonised over.

The solution is not more effort, or more customisation. The answer is to get to “good enough” and error free quickly and focus your job-hunting efforts where they will pay more dividends.

Getting to “good enough”
The key to getting to good enough efficiently is to understand how your CV is being used and read in the hiring process. We will explore:

  • How recruiters read CVs and what they spend 80% of their time looking at
  • How your CV format affects what gets read and what doesn’t
  • Why recruiters ignore your responsibilities
  • Why your achievements don’t count unless you frame them correctly

We will also look at how you can reduce the time you spend on your CV and maximise the chances of getting the outcome you want. In particular:

  • The “greatest hits” approach to choosing bullet points
  • How to describe your experience so recruiters appreciate it
  • How to eliminate errors and when to get help
  • The best way to address gaps and other negatives on your CV 
  • How to write a CV that allows you to interview well
  • How to balance your time between CV-writing and more productive job-hunting activities

 All participants receive: 

  • Access to the webinar and the chance to ask Steve Dalton questions live
  • Video recording for download after the event
  • Access to bonus materials resource pack.

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